Équacacao - Notre chocolat

Our philosophy

Equacacao is a human-sized company that has chosen the short circuit. Equacacao is the only mediator between the producer and you! This absence of superfluous intermediaries allows:

    • a mastery of the industry
    • impeccable traceability
    • better quality control and thus quality assurance


Small structures such as Equacacao, by favouring proximity, allow to acquire a good knowledge of the regions, of the places of production and of the producers. This way, a better understanding of the needs of each one from one end of the chain to the other is developed, and a direct identification is made to prevent possible problems.

Equacacao - chocolat cacao de couverture - petits producteurs proximité


Equacacao - Chocolat cacao de couverture - Valeurs équitable arbre

Equacacao makes it a point of honour to favour equity. We work with small producers (5 hectares maximum) grouped in cooperatives. These choices of exploitation and structure allow a fairer sharing of profits while offering prices adapted to professionals and individuals.