Équacacao - Notre chocolat

Our Know-how

Cocoa cultivation involves many ecological factors with complex interactions...

Only a rigorous study of the production area, its altitude, climatic conditions, soils, the quality of the plantation where the cocoa tree grows and the shade from which it benefits, enables us to determine the production region.

A selection without concessions

Behind these plantations are men, growers with ancestral know-how. Although the requirement for ecological factors is essential, it is not sufficient without close collaboration with the producers. Equacacao's aim is to make the most of the knowledge of these producers while ensuring that the conditions of cultivation are fair. The traditional cultivation method of the "chakras" is optimal for the exploitation of cocoa and the respect of the Ecuadorian farmers. It is thanks to these multiple components and to this winning partnership that Equacacao can offer you a noble cocoa with complex aromas.

In addition to these steps, there is a secret: the selection of the bean, our obsession, because we are looking for the unique bean, the one that will produce the best cocoa. Each trip brings its own novelties, its own surprises...

Equacacao - Cacao chocolat de couverture - sélection fleur pistile

A rigorous post-harvest

Equacacao - cacao chocolat de couverture - sélection rigoureuse fermentation


The post-harvest processes are delicate and require great expertise.

Equacacao, after an uncompromising selection, ensures that the fermentation of the beans takes place in optimal conditions. In order to inhibit the germination of the beans, we have to keep them at a constant temperature of 48°C and above. This step is crucial, as it is during fermentation that the cocoa's aroma begins to develop. Constant stirring in white "cordia alliodora" laurel wood boxes maximizes this process, the art being to find the right moment to interrupt the fermentation and put the beans to dry for a few days.


Drying requires a great deal of expertise, patience, observation and the application of empirical knowledge. Our presence in the field, our familiarity with the region and its degree of hygrometry, and our knowledge of the beans are factors for success, to which we add the quality of our "marquesinas" drying beds.

It is the combination of all these skills that makes our chocolates a unique and reliable value!

Equacacao - Caoco chocolat de couverture - séchage des fèves
Equacacao - Chocolat - cacao - arriba
Equacacao - Chocolat cacao de couverture - Transformation

The transformation into the final product is done on site!

The transformation into the final product is done on site!

As the beans are processed on site, they avoid the risks associated with long-distance transport (humidity, mould, loss of flavour, etc.).


Our chocolates have been analysed and have complete technical data sheets.

The unique taste of our grand cru chocolate is also linked to our transformation processes: roasting - crushing - grinding - conching.


At this stage, the bean is heated to remove residual moisture and enhance the cocoa's flavour.

Equacacao is able to bring out the unique aromas expressed during the fermentation process thanks to a careful "selective roasting" temperature.

Then comes the crushing which separates the shell from the almond and the grinding which will transform them into a thick liquid called "cocoa mass".

At this stage, Equacacao obtains, thanks to a conching process that is slow in speed and long in duration, a smooth quality of chocolate, free of any acidity and highly aromatic. Our chocolates, with their unique character, typical flavours and specific to the regions from which they come, reveal themselves subtly when tasted... Their floral or woody notes, their flavours of honey, red fruits, bergamot or lemongrass will surprise you.