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Pure origin Ecuador... a culture too little known in my country. The small farms are in the Amazon with their own variety (Vanilla panifolia)... Flavours that appeal to pastry chefs because they are innovative.

Other varieties also exist in very, very small farms like the Tahitensis variety, a rare origin in the world of vanilla with exceptional aromas and vanillin levels.

Our vanilla trees, thanks to the exceptional environment they enjoy, produce pods of superior quality.

Our Tahitensis variety is distinguished by its floral and aniseed notes, and the "Sylvestre" by its remarkable vanillin content.

Équacacao - Vanille
Équacacao - Vanille illustration


(Vanilla tahitensis)

Pure origin Ecuador selection vanilla 100% BIO

This little-known vanilla is exceptional because of its origin, its intense musky, floral and milky notes, its fleshy pods measuring 14-18 cm and its vanillin content of over 3%. An out of the ordinary vanilla!