Equacacao - cacao d'Équateur - chocolat arriba couverture bio - Manabi Guayas


Our chocolate adapts to the demand of our customers, indeed, our range lacked a chocolate coating ... this selection of a fluid chocolate with 10% cocoa butter was born from my meeting with the production area of Guayas "that's where I was born, in Guayaquil", very close to the province of los Rios and the region of Manabi, a chocolate with floral notes!

Équacacao - Chocolat de couverture 64% cacao Équateur - Manabi-Guayas
Équacacao - Theobroma cacao


Coating chocolate
64% pure cocoa from Ecuador

A cover made from a blend of two beans... Two regions to bring brilliance and a subtle crunch to your creations. 10% added cocoa butter, smoothness with notes of a pure grand cru cocoa origin Ecuador. 

Product from organic agriculture certified by CERTIPAQ-BIO FR-BIO-09