Equacacao - cacao d'Équateur - chocolat arriba couverture bio -  Amazonas


Ecuador is lucky enough to be crossed by three well-defined regions: the Coast, the Sierra and the Amazon... It is thus possible to sail on the Napo River for about 8 hours to the north-western border of Peru and to cross production areas protected by national parks such as Yasuni.
This region is covered by a humid climate with a very impressive hygrometry... In fact he rainfall of this region is on average 6,000 mm per year!

Équacacao - Chocolat de couverture 100% cacao Équateur BIO - Amazonas
Équacacao - Theobroma cacao


Couverture cocoa paste
100% pure organic cocoa from Ecuador

Chocolate with aromas and notes of banana, nut for a "cocoa paste" 100% exceptional, without astringency or bitterness, of great nobility!

Product from a committed fair trade and organic agriculture certified by CERTIPAQ-BIO FR-BIO-09